This past winter/spring I took a 6 week online workshop from a talented artist, Misty Mawn. Sadly, the materials had to be taken off the website eventually. But, She does have a book out, “Unfurling” which is basically the workshop in brief plus more!

Needless to say, the book was purchased and yadda, yadda, yadda, my desk areas is a hot mess.

I dove straight in with an attempt at portrait painting. Be kind, this is my very 1st portrait that I have attempted to paint. Usually I just sketch it and then walk away. It is not of a particular person, that is tough and I am just going one step at a time here.

Here is the process (warning, it gets a little creepy/ zombie looking at a few points…)

And off we go:

1. Sketch with Stabilo Marks-All Pencil, Brown & Black. Then used a wet brush to blend lines. Looks a little Amish here (bonnet look) but oh just wait!

2. Paint time. Putting in lights and darks to get a rough idea of the values.

3. OK, things got a little out of hand…Entering Zombie Zone!

4. Naturally from Zombie to Alien Zombie! Adding in the whites for the eyes and  trying to hone in on the lights and darks some more.

5. Continuing with layers and adding hair. (I decided the hair would be better down)

6. Toned down the blue that created the living dead look. Defined lips and eyes. Refining the Dark areas with a Black Stabilo Marks All pencil.

7. A final go at the skin tone, added a background and decided that blue would be a good shirt color. Also, more defining with the Marks All Pencil.

8. More hair definition.

9. Finally, with the Zombie gone, I added a torn paper boarder and used paint/Adirondack Inks to tint the edges.

Learned: keep pressing on- even if the painting starts to scare me, it can be fixed and made into something much better.

There will be more portraits to come- practice makes perfect!  Well off to tackle the beast that is my work space… Have a great week!