Spirit Family Reunion

Here is to spontaneity and the banjo.

Last night I had the supreme honor of hopping in the car with four other adventurous ladies and headed off to RI. Why? Because I got an invitation to go- what more reason would I need.

We were going to see my friend’s sister’s favorite band: Spirit Family Reunion (I had never heard of them either). But now that I have, I HAVE to share! It was a banjo pickin’ foot stomping good ‘ol time.


They. Were. AMAZING!

They rocked the house! Check them out here through NPR. You won’t be able to be in a bad mood while listening to them (unless you don’t like music with a banjo/ washboard/ electric violin). 

Check them out. Seriously. 

I think that I will be making it a general rule to always say yes to going to concerts for bands I have never heard of, especially if it involves a road trip and friends. I think this trip fills my quota for getting home past 12:30am for a good while :)

Late night: Totally worth it.



July has gone whirring by filled with tearful goodbyes, travel, families, boxes (of books) and a new place to call home.

Today I find myself unwrapping pictures and dwelling on the memories and people they captured. I am so grateful for the past and how it witnesses to the Lords graceful and perfect provision.

I put pictures in their respective homes to gather dust and let me know that here too we will find community and make ourselves a home.

The future can be so overwhelming with the what ifs and the unknowns. The Lord continually calls his people to remember what he has done to bolster their faith for what lies ahead.

Today, I am grateful for the peace that comes with remembering the sovereignty and goodness of the Lord.

“It is well with my soul”



We left our keys on the counter in our small galley kitchen this morning as we wrangled the last of our belongings in to boxes and suitcases. I had the final episode of Friends running through my head- when they all leaves their keys on the counter.

It was a swift exit as we quickly got to the car to catch the train to Newark. [Let me stop here to say how much I am hoping this travel experiance is nothing like my previous travel experiance!!] We are headed off to Aruba of all places this morning!!

Scott’s older brother is getting married to the wonderful Emily this weekend IN ARUBA!! We are really looking forward to the wedding and being on island time for 5 days. This trip comes at a perfect time. We can just relax before moving all of our worldly possessions into our new place. Here’s to old friends, time with family and new adventures!


Where Two or Three Gather Together

It is time. I have been putting off this see-ya-later post because, well, denial has been a sweet refuge lately. But here goes, time to dig deep and face the truth that my time with these beautiful ladies as neighbors has come to an end. As new people move into their old apartments, I can no longer pretend that they were just joking when they moved out 3 months ago. But that just means that skype will be connecting us rather than potato nights and brunches.

I feel so blessed to know these women. We have shared life together for the past two years and I am inexplicable better for it. I really believe that friendships shape who we are and I am so glad to have been able to spend 3 out of 7 nights a week with such amazing women. We realized that in the CRW world, where everyone is in transition, friendships are fast-tracked. Normally, people see their friends once a week or once a month. Here, were hanging out is as easy as firing up the grill and sending a text- multiple nights a week.

Thank you for the:

Faith, love, encouragement, prayer, hope, laughter, brunch, coffee, potatoes…

If I could sign up to live near them for the rest of my life, I would. What I just love is that these are women who are who they are and they own it. If you hate camping, you just go ahead and hate camping and that is just fine.

We have shared so much and done so much together that I wanted to capture that in a farewell (avoiding the word goodbye here) gift. I did 3 paintings that represented our time together for them to take to their next homes to remember Princeton. Please bear with me as I didn’t think to take better pictures before giving them away.

  1. Saturday Morning brunches that would last for hours
  2. Birthday and Christmas Parties and weekly dinners together,
  3. Grilling out in front of our building at the picnic tables and talking until the sun went down

Friendships do not rely on time or place. They are sustained by love.

In the end, this post can only be a small gesture of appreciation and explanation of that which words cannot do justice to.

Where two or three gather together, there am I with them

–Mat. 18:20