Once a year

[First: Sorry that it took me so long to post these pictures, mom!]

A few pictures from my birthday weekend- Went to Rats at the Grounds for Sculpture and then wandered around the Grounds. And celebrated with family and friends with a lot of laughter and food! It was just really great.

A commentary on the pictures in the order of appearance:

A little gathering back home. Over the top amazing cake by our family friend Michael. Really, it was packed with awesomeness. I wish you could reach into the screen and try it…

Then Melissa and I wandered around the Golden Nugget, a flea market in Lambertville that is hit or miss (that day it was kind of a miss). But what was a hit? Tortougas in Lambertville- YUM! (it is apparently owned and operated completely separate from the one in Princeton)

A few pictures from a gathering with neighbors. A theme of Downton Abbey dictated some of the festivities and decor. Thanks for the apple pie AND the ice cream cake, Emilie (and  for taking pics)!

And then the weekend was capped off by spending a delightful afternoon at the Grounds for Sculpture after savoring our lunch at Rats.

It really was a perfect weekend to eat, drink and be merry.

Cheers! (…or Skål!)