Two Concerts and a Race


As a family we certainly love each other, we even like each other-  And I am really grateful for that.

It has been awesome to be back in new england near these crazy cats that are my fam.

A few highlights from the past month:

Iron and Wine in Portland, ME

We wandered around downtown in and out of coffee shops and thrift stores, ate amazing food and saw a truly talented group. We laughed really hard together. Oh yeah, and Iron & Wine was fantastic!


Arabica Coffee: Pre concert caffeine


Sam Beam: Iron & Wine


Mom, Meg and I heading to the concert

Dave Matthews- Throwback Fans

A few weeks later, Meg and I were totally stoked to get tickets to Dave from a friend! We hopped in the car to nostalgia- ville and saw a great show. The icing on the cake was being there with such fun people and catching a drum stick at the end of the show! WHAAT?!


Food and drinks in the VIP tent!


So talented! Throwback to high school favorites.


We caught a drum stick that was thrown into the crowd! We were super jazzed about it.

The Triathlon Father’s Day

As of last year, it has become a family tradition to do a relay triathlon on father’s day. It was a way to re-invent what we did on father’s day now that dad was no longer with us. We race in his honor and spend time together outdoors.

It was an amazing day! Team Evan (.5 mi swim & 13 mi bike) and Meg (5K run) came in first in the male/female relay group and Team Marcia (13 mi bike) , Abby (5K run), Zach (.5 mi swim) came in third! Yes, The dana teams crushed the competition.

Then we went to moms, hung out with family, ate steak and did some varsity level napping.




Meg, Evan and Zach running in with me to the finish!


Fighting Fit: The Post- Race Picture. (PS- don’t mess with mom)


Miles, and lots of smack talk later, WE DID IT!


A long goodbye

It has been a busy month. A few words on the last few weeks:

A season of saying good bye.

Preparing for what is next.

Visiting NYC and all the places we love one last time.

Cookouts, take out and cleaning out.

More to come when things settle down and we are moved into our new place in early July.


Picturing Fall

This has been one heck of a busy fall. Reuniting with old roommates, visiting with family and celebrating birthdays. And amidst all of that there is the day-to-day of going to work and classes and applications that have deadlines looming large.

It is amazing how fast a month has gone by. It is hard to believe that Scott’s second to last semester is almost over. Have we really been in NJ for almost 3 years? I can’t even begin to write about all those thoughts yet.

This is a time of preparation, for both of us, for whatever is next. It is exciting, anxiety inducing and overwhelming all at once.

Relationship update: Running and I are getting along like old friends these days. I am planning on running my very first 5K on Thanksgiving and have successfully been training. I have officially registered and now cross my fingers that no injuries arise between now and then! I think my friends from the highschool track team would be amazed that I am actually running :) It really helps that fall is the ideal time to run- it has been so beautiful!


These shoes have heard more excuses than a high school English teacher.

too hot-too cold-i just ate a giant piece of cake-i don’t feel top notch- the wind is coming out of the south east- and the list goes on, but I will spare you.

My favorite excuse is the weather, because usually no one can blame you for not running if it is above 90 degrees out or below 20.

Tonight, I had enough of myself and those excuses (albeit, they were good ones and have stood by me like faithful friends). This is all about choices. I was going to drag myself kicking and (silently) screaming into these unassuming shoes and just get out there. I just chose to put on the shoes and whatever happened out there, happened.

So much is tied up in what we expect of ourselves. If the bar is way too high- we will always feel like we have failed but too low and we never get to feel that sense accomplishment. Once I decided that my goal was just to get out there and at least walk to the destination and back it wasn’t so bad. At this stage, the just get out there goal is a big’un at a humid 93 degrees.

I ran more than I expected and learned 3 important things that I hope will start me off on the right foot this time (pun intended).

1. I have to run in a loop. The out and back on the same path will just not do.
2. I enjoy having some good worship or Christian music to run to. (shane&shane is often chosen) Running is a great time to clear my mind or pray or just get wrapped up in the lyrics (which really makes a run pass quickly) I come home exhausted but refreshed.
3. I just have to choose to do it.

Very few things are actually easy in the beginning. Why avoid running because it is hard? Shouldn’t we expect it to be?

Here is to leaving instant gratification in the dust.

(m: i hope this inspired you for our weekly runs)

Running out of Excuses

[Que Chariots of Fire slow run on the beach]

We have all done it- had that feeling that running would just be the end all be all of freedom.

So, what happens next? I imagine myself running my heart out. Then, I start the big talk about the 5K that I want to run (i’ll pause here for laughter)…I make a plan, 3X a week I will get out there and RUN. How hard could it be, right? Well folks, it is stinkin’ hard! I have taken to saying that I have commitment issues with running, we are on again off again and I am always flirting with walking instead. Facebook relationship status: It’s Complicated.

I am going to keep at it though, relationships take work and I believe Running and I will make it after all (if you have been to a young life camp: imagine me and a giant running shoe holding hands and spinning in a circle to “Born to Run”). Deep down I really would like to be in that place where running feels as easy as it looks when I see other people running. I guess I will have to do more than just put on my sneakers to accomplish that- I’ll have to go and run in them.

I have managed once a week the past couple of weeks, and that is better than nothing. I am grateful to be able to run-walk and want to take advantage of that. I think that I just set the bar too high- here’s to under achieving.

Maybe I will up it this week and run twice. Look out CRW your pavement is about to get pounded.

There is a 5K in May that I might just end up being in shape for!