Two Concerts and a Race


As a family we certainly love each other, we even like each other-  And I am really grateful for that.

It has been awesome to be back in new england near these crazy cats that are my fam.

A few highlights from the past month:

Iron and Wine in Portland, ME

We wandered around downtown in and out of coffee shops and thrift stores, ate amazing food and saw a truly talented group. We laughed really hard together. Oh yeah, and Iron & Wine was fantastic!


Arabica Coffee: Pre concert caffeine


Sam Beam: Iron & Wine


Mom, Meg and I heading to the concert

Dave Matthews- Throwback Fans

A few weeks later, Meg and I were totally stoked to get tickets to Dave from a friend! We hopped in the car to nostalgia- ville and saw a great show. The icing on the cake was being there with such fun people and catching a drum stick at the end of the show! WHAAT?!


Food and drinks in the VIP tent!


So talented! Throwback to high school favorites.


We caught a drum stick that was thrown into the crowd! We were super jazzed about it.

The Triathlon Father’s Day

As of last year, it has become a family tradition to do a relay triathlon on father’s day. It was a way to re-invent what we did on father’s day now that dad was no longer with us. We race in his honor and spend time together outdoors.

It was an amazing day! Team Evan (.5 mi swim & 13 mi bike) and Meg (5K run) came in first in the male/female relay group and Team Marcia (13 mi bike) , Abby (5K run), Zach (.5 mi swim) came in third! Yes, The dana teams crushed the competition.

Then we went to moms, hung out with family, ate steak and did some varsity level napping.




Meg, Evan and Zach running in with me to the finish!


Fighting Fit: The Post- Race Picture. (PS- don’t mess with mom)


Miles, and lots of smack talk later, WE DID IT!


Breaking the Ice


How fast five months go by! I thought the best way to break the ice on blogging again with a little “what we have been up to” post.

  • Scott is finding his stride with his classes and coursework- Only 4.5 years to go…
  • I am all settled in and working for a great company as an Administrative Coordinator
  • We have been diving into our church community at Highrock and loving it
  • Lots of walks, snowshoeing and cross country skiing
  • Lots of coffee
  • Lots of looking for ice cream as delicious as the Bent Spoon (not yet found)
  • A little painting and creating
  • Constant influx of books from Amazon (seriously need to buy stock)
  • Visits to mom’s- playing with kittens
  • Visits with friends over Skype (miss you guys)
  • Exploring our new home
  • Loving all the great local restaurants

Here’s to jumping back into blogging! I had to get the first one back out of the way- better content to come :)

A picture post

These past months have been filled with great times with great people. Here are those things represented in pics…

A wedding.

A move.


A celebration.

A rooftop.

A reunion.

I am looking forward to the months to come!


July has gone whirring by filled with tearful goodbyes, travel, families, boxes (of books) and a new place to call home.

Today I find myself unwrapping pictures and dwelling on the memories and people they captured. I am so grateful for the past and how it witnesses to the Lords graceful and perfect provision.

I put pictures in their respective homes to gather dust and let me know that here too we will find community and make ourselves a home.

The future can be so overwhelming with the what ifs and the unknowns. The Lord continually calls his people to remember what he has done to bolster their faith for what lies ahead.

Today, I am grateful for the peace that comes with remembering the sovereignty and goodness of the Lord.

“It is well with my soul”



We left our keys on the counter in our small galley kitchen this morning as we wrangled the last of our belongings in to boxes and suitcases. I had the final episode of Friends running through my head- when they all leaves their keys on the counter.

It was a swift exit as we quickly got to the car to catch the train to Newark. [Let me stop here to say how much I am hoping this travel experiance is nothing like my previous travel experiance!!] We are headed off to Aruba of all places this morning!!

Scott’s older brother is getting married to the wonderful Emily this weekend IN ARUBA!! We are really looking forward to the wedding and being on island time for 5 days. This trip comes at a perfect time. We can just relax before moving all of our worldly possessions into our new place. Here’s to old friends, time with family and new adventures!


A long goodbye

It has been a busy month. A few words on the last few weeks:

A season of saying good bye.

Preparing for what is next.

Visiting NYC and all the places we love one last time.

Cookouts, take out and cleaning out.

More to come when things settle down and we are moved into our new place in early July.


Momma D

(Sorry this is so overdue, mom. I know your b-day and mother’s day are already past. But I figured since you celebrate May as your Birthday month, that I am not too late)

Oh, the things I could say about my mom!

She is:

  • kind
  • generous
  • courageous
  • athletic
  • beautiful
  • creative
  • supportive
  • (super) outgoing
  • wonderful cook
  • great listener

…just to name a few.

She is also a prankster and has no problem being goofy. She taught me at a young impressionable age how to short sheet a bed. She began with tails of triumph and then explained with enthusiasm how to pull it off. She even explained the tricky business of short sheeting a sleeping bag! Remembering back I recall the passing along of this information as if it was a family heirloom to be passed on through generations (don’t’ worry mom, it will be some day).

She has a great sense of humor and never takes herself too seriously. She would lovingly laugh on April fools day when I ‘got’ her good by putting a rubber-band on the sink spray hose- a classic (seriously, if you have a spray hose on your sink you should try this one*)! She appreciated (and encouraged) a good harmless prank.

I could write a book about all the things you taught us. For now, I want to Thank you for encouraging silliness and laugher in all your kids.

Oh, and she is an amazing cyclist. no post about mom would be complete with out mentioning this fact.

*Attempt at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions or retaliation that may happen.