We were all buzzing around the kitchen: peeling potatoes, prepping broccoli, basting turkey when I was struck by the fact that there is actually a holiday set aside for giving thanks. A national holiday to gather together with family and dear friends to break bread and just be together.

I know that the stores have now whipped themselves into a sale frenzy and try to entice us to join the madness at 12am. But the materialism of thanksgiving stays at an arms length- commercials and billboards that leave you with the choice rather than the obligation of engaging in the thrill of the best-deal-ever hunt. It has not become about gifts and spending, but remained a day to gather, reflect and hug the ones you love.

My hubby and I spent the day with amazing friends because we were not able to travel to be with family. I am grateful for “new” friends that feel like the oldest of friends.

Our gratefulness for our spouses, family, deep friendships, the Lord’s provision and healing was shared with joyful hearts and watery eyes.