Apps and ‘Zerts

Ok, really I don’t have any apps to blog about, I just really love the episode of Parks and Rec where Tom Haverford goes through his list of what he calls everyday things.

But, I have been busy in the kitchen this fall making ‘Zerts (Desserts), yet totally delinquent in photographing the process. Or, if I started taking pictures, I got too wrapped up in the baking process and forgot take shots of the final product.

All that being said, here are some pictures of my latest baking conquests this fall:

I have also started a { recipe } section that I hope to keep stocked with my favorite carbo-buttery treats.

I really love finding a recipes that make good canvases. Scones, for instance, have SO MANY possibilities. I just love throwing new things in there and serving them to my friends to taste test. Recently, the following scones cranking out of my kitchen: Pumpkin, Toasted Walnut and Fig, Blueberry with Orange Zest and Double Chocolate…man, I wish I had all of those in front of me right now! I am getting hungry just thinking about them!

Let me know what combinations you come up with :)

Now, get out the flour and go to town!



We were all buzzing around the kitchen: peeling potatoes, prepping broccoli, basting turkey when I was struck by the fact that there is actually a holiday set aside for giving thanks. A national holiday to gather together with family and dear friends to break bread and just be together.

I know that the stores have now whipped themselves into a sale frenzy and try to entice us to join the madness at 12am. But the materialism of thanksgiving stays at an arms length- commercials and billboards that leave you with the choice rather than the obligation of engaging in the thrill of the best-deal-ever hunt. It has not become about gifts and spending, but remained a day to gather, reflect and hug the ones you love.

My hubby and I spent the day with amazing friends because we were not able to travel to be with family. I am grateful for “new” friends that feel like the oldest of friends.

Our gratefulness for our spouses, family, deep friendships, the Lord’s provision and healing was shared with joyful hearts and watery eyes.

Sauna Weather

[Welcome, please take a moment to lament the humidity with me.] It is so gross out!

Ok, Moving on…

This winter my oven got a serious work out. It saw the likes of Scones, Cinnamon Rolls (oh yes-from scratch), Quiches,  even more Scones, Cakes and Breads. And yes, after a winter of eating all of that, I am feeling the need for working out…but probably won’t :)

Summer in the Jerz is definitely here and the heat (and HUMIDITY) outside is seriously hindering my desire to create any more heat by turning on the oven.

The change of seasons, however has not changed my desire to keep creating in the kitchen. I have come up with 2 cold fruity drinks to keep me Jersey Strong in the Jersey heat.

1. Infused Water with Lemon and Mint
8-10 mint leaves Lemons H2O 

  • Add the mint to the pitcher and mottle a bit to release the minty-goodness
  • Add the juice of 1 1/2 lemons to the pitcher
  • Slice the remaining 1/2 lemon (for round slices) and add to pitcher to make it look pretty.
  • Add H2O, Stir and Enjoy!

*I have also added whole frozen blueberries which gave the water a nice color, but I don’t think it added much flavor

2. Sparkling Cider-based Smoothie with Honey Drizzle
frozen berries . sparkling cider (apple or pear or grape) . honey . blender

  • Add about a 1 1/2 cups of cider to blending container (have a little extra handy in case the smoothie gets too think for your liking
  • Add 1/2 cup frozen berries to the cider
  • B-l-e-n-d
  • Add berries or cider to make it as thick or thin as you want
  • Pour into the lucky cup that hold all the goodness
  • Drizzle a little or a lot of honey over the top- give a little stir to get honey flavor bursts as you sip away!
I was going to wait to post this until I had some enticing pics of these beverages, but given the humidity, I wanted to post asap. Hang in there, get a cold drink and try not to melt!
Stay Jersey Strong this summer- (but be nice when you drive)

Car Gormet

I have noticed that entering a car for a road trip is like entering a parallel universe.

Normally, my must haves are:

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Angel Food Cake

 S C O N E S.

But somehow, every time I get into the car for a trip. Sweet gives way to salty. I must have FRIES. I must have them. For some reason a the trip is not complete until we stop off for a little pit stop and get those crunchy-hot-salty-fresh from the deep fryer, McDonalds or Burger King french fries. What is with that? I think I am a reasonable person and can act rationally- but something about a car ride that is loner the 2 hours requires the consuming of those wonderful golden sticks which have been so deeply fried it is hard to detect any of the so-called potato that they once were.

*pauses to consider a walk over to Wendys right now…

OK, I’m back. I confess that those golden arches plastered to the green signs win me over. I am a sucker for the repeated advertising. So there you have it. What is your must have road trip food? I know I’m not alone her.

Also, who wants to walk over to Wendy’s tonight?


A few pictures from the last road trip we took to my parents. (Trip note: burger king has upped their fries. They were tasty to say the least.) :

My Mom on her birthday (featuring a Lemon layer cake with lemon curd filling and homemade frosting).

Up at Newburyport, MA. We had an amazing dinner at the Plum Island Grille after walking the beach.