Spirit Family Reunion

Here is to spontaneity and the banjo.

Last night I had the supreme honor of hopping in the car with four other adventurous ladies and headed off to RI. Why? Because I got an invitation to go- what more reason would I need.

We were going to see my friend’s sister’s favorite band: Spirit Family Reunion (I had never heard of them either). But now that I have, I HAVE to share! It was a banjo pickin’ foot stomping good ‘ol time.


They. Were. AMAZING!

They rocked the house! Check them out here through NPR. You won’t be able to be in a bad mood while listening to them (unless you don’t like music with a banjo/ washboard/ electric violin). 

Check them out. Seriously. 

I think that I will be making it a general rule to always say yes to going to concerts for bands I have never heard of, especially if it involves a road trip and friends. I think this trip fills my quota for getting home past 12:30am for a good while :)

Late night: Totally worth it.


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