Breaking the Ice


How fast five months go by! I thought the best way to break the ice on blogging again with a little “what we have been up to” post.

  • Scott is finding his stride with his classes and coursework- Only 4.5 years to go…
  • I am all settled in and working for a great company as an Administrative Coordinator
  • We have been diving into our church community at Highrock and loving it
  • Lots of walks, snowshoeing and cross country skiing
  • Lots of coffee
  • Lots of looking for ice cream as delicious as the Bent Spoon (not yet found)
  • A little painting and creating
  • Constant influx of books from Amazon (seriously need to buy stock)
  • Visits to mom’s- playing with kittens
  • Visits with friends over Skype (miss you guys)
  • Exploring our new home
  • Loving all the great local restaurants

Here’s to jumping back into blogging! I had to get the first one back out of the way- better content to come :)


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