I have been enjoying an “employment hiatus” this summer. With a big move and lots of travel it has been a real gift to have so much time to not have any “real” responsibilities. I have been able to spend great time with family and friends and travel with the hubs.

I had a few projects on the docket that I knew I could tackle at my mom’s house that is complete with a workshop. I am so glad that dad taught me how to use (safely) power tools. I just really love firing up the table saw or the smell of stain that brings new life to old tired wood.

We found this table by the dumpster by our old apartment and I was determined to give refinishing it the old college try.

Here it is in it’s well-worn glory. I am behind the camera unaware of the chemical burns yet to come while removing the old varnish…I learned very quickly not to make any sudden movements while applying or removing the chemical.


My mom instructed each step and after sanding, washing, staining and varnishing- It was fit for coffee table use! It was so satisfying to see the finished product. Thanks to coach mom for all the tips, pointers and help!

Staining TableImage

It has been a great hiatus, but I am getting just a bit (a lot) stir crazy and cannot wait to have a schedule and a rhythm to the week again. Soon, very soon!


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