A Shower for Miss Peanut

This weekend my mom and sister threw me one heck of a baby shower!

It was a whirlwind of a day that was overwhelming in the best of ways. The house was filled with friends and family who are just so excited to meet miss peanut. A sweet friend even flew in to be there! Joy and laughter and love (and delicious food) filled my mom’s house.

After the shower had ended and the car was being packed up- I felt so humbled and filled with gratitude. There was nothing we have done to deserve or earn the privilege of being miss peanut’s mom and dad. We are so grateful for this little girl and the anticipation of holding her in our arms. We are so thankful for all of you who are excitedly awaiting her arrival with us!

Opening sister's gift... She knocked it out of the park and this is us sharing that moment :)

Opening sister’s gift… She knocked it out of the park and this is us sharing that moment :)


A house just jam- packed with love


Sweet treats by the talented Sulkas!


I’ll always be your YL kid Lora :)


Miss Peanut’s first Leotard! Thanks Mom!


Sweet Kalyani loved playing in all the tissue paper


Amazing to have you visit Jeanie!


Me and the party planning committee


Miss Peanut’s biggest fans


More cuteness a la Sulka!

*Deeper thoughts from Scott: As Scott and I looked over all the diapers we received: I said, “That’s a lot of diapers!” He said, “That’s a lot of poop!”


Two Concerts and a Race


As a family we certainly love each other, we even like each other-  And I am really grateful for that.

It has been awesome to be back in new england near these crazy cats that are my fam.

A few highlights from the past month:

Iron and Wine in Portland, ME

We wandered around downtown in and out of coffee shops and thrift stores, ate amazing food and saw a truly talented group. We laughed really hard together. Oh yeah, and Iron & Wine was fantastic!


Arabica Coffee: Pre concert caffeine


Sam Beam: Iron & Wine


Mom, Meg and I heading to the concert

Dave Matthews- Throwback Fans

A few weeks later, Meg and I were totally stoked to get tickets to Dave from a friend! We hopped in the car to nostalgia- ville and saw a great show. The icing on the cake was being there with such fun people and catching a drum stick at the end of the show! WHAAT?!


Food and drinks in the VIP tent!


So talented! Throwback to high school favorites.


We caught a drum stick that was thrown into the crowd! We were super jazzed about it.

The Triathlon Father’s Day

As of last year, it has become a family tradition to do a relay triathlon on father’s day. It was a way to re-invent what we did on father’s day now that dad was no longer with us. We race in his honor and spend time together outdoors.

It was an amazing day! Team Evan (.5 mi swim & 13 mi bike) and Meg (5K run) came in first in the male/female relay group and Team Marcia (13 mi bike) , Abby (5K run), Zach (.5 mi swim) came in third! Yes, The dana teams crushed the competition.

Then we went to moms, hung out with family, ate steak and did some varsity level napping.




Meg, Evan and Zach running in with me to the finish!


Fighting Fit: The Post- Race Picture. (PS- don’t mess with mom)


Miles, and lots of smack talk later, WE DID IT!

Spirit Family Reunion

Here is to spontaneity and the banjo.

Last night I had the supreme honor of hopping in the car with four other adventurous ladies and headed off to RI. Why? Because I got an invitation to go- what more reason would I need.

We were going to see my friend’s sister’s favorite band: Spirit Family Reunion (I had never heard of them either). But now that I have, I HAVE to share! It was a banjo pickin’ foot stomping good ‘ol time.


They. Were. AMAZING!

They rocked the house! Check them out here through NPR. You won’t be able to be in a bad mood while listening to them (unless you don’t like music with a banjo/ washboard/ electric violin). 

Check them out. Seriously. 

I think that I will be making it a general rule to always say yes to going to concerts for bands I have never heard of, especially if it involves a road trip and friends. I think this trip fills my quota for getting home past 12:30am for a good while :)

Late night: Totally worth it.

Breaking the Ice


How fast five months go by! I thought the best way to break the ice on blogging again with a little “what we have been up to” post.

  • Scott is finding his stride with his classes and coursework- Only 4.5 years to go…
  • I am all settled in and working for a great company as an Administrative Coordinator
  • We have been diving into our church community at Highrock and loving it
  • Lots of walks, snowshoeing and cross country skiing
  • Lots of coffee
  • Lots of looking for ice cream as delicious as the Bent Spoon (not yet found)
  • A little painting and creating
  • Constant influx of books from Amazon (seriously need to buy stock)
  • Visits to mom’s- playing with kittens
  • Visits with friends over Skype (miss you guys)
  • Exploring our new home
  • Loving all the great local restaurants

Here’s to jumping back into blogging! I had to get the first one back out of the way- better content to come :)


I have been enjoying an “employment hiatus” this summer. With a big move and lots of travel it has been a real gift to have so much time to not have any “real” responsibilities. I have been able to spend great time with family and friends and travel with the hubs.

I had a few projects on the docket that I knew I could tackle at my mom’s house that is complete with a workshop. I am so glad that dad taught me how to use (safely) power tools. I just really love firing up the table saw or the smell of stain that brings new life to old tired wood.

We found this table by the dumpster by our old apartment and I was determined to give refinishing it the old college try.

Here it is in it’s well-worn glory. I am behind the camera unaware of the chemical burns yet to come while removing the old varnish…I learned very quickly not to make any sudden movements while applying or removing the chemical.


My mom instructed each step and after sanding, washing, staining and varnishing- It was fit for coffee table use! It was so satisfying to see the finished product. Thanks to coach mom for all the tips, pointers and help!

Staining TableImage

It has been a great hiatus, but I am getting just a bit (a lot) stir crazy and cannot wait to have a schedule and a rhythm to the week again. Soon, very soon!

Holding Moments

It was a time to savor friendship and laugh hard. It was a time to reflect and make decisions. It was a time to be still and listen.

It was filled with moments to hold on to.




I am so grateful for the surprise of extra time with the Hoffmans before they head off to New Zealand to be a part of The Well (a new church plant in Christchurch, NZ). Still wish we could be neighbors forever. Maybe someday :)